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Class VI Students


A.M. Nizamani - TCF School at Petaro:

Mr. A.M. Nizamani (late) was the visionary who conceived the establishment of Cadet College Petaro in the mid-1950s, and was the main force behind its establishment. He was the Director of Education of Hyderabad Region in those days. Petarians would be ever grateful to him for his vision and untiring efforts which led to the creation of the college.


So when the Petarian Foundation decided to become the main sponsor to establish the TCF secondary school at Petaro, we decided to name this campus as the A.M.Nizamani campus in his memory.


The construction of the school was completed in March 2011, and VI and VII classes were started in April 2011.


The campus has a capacity of 360 students at the secondary level (i.e. classes VI to X). The building has 10 classrooms (2 sections for each class from VI to X), with a capacity of 36 students per classroom. The school has an administration block which includes a principalís office, an accounts assistant office and a faculty common room. The building also accommodates spacious corridors, a library / art room, laboratories, a play ground and separate toilets for boys and girls, and is equipped with other essentials such as running water and electricity.


It is built on land donated by Cadet College Petaro and will provide education to the children of the college staff and the villagers in the vicinity of Petaro.


The campus is funded by Petarians with some matching donations from corporate entities. The total cost of the construction is around US$262,000. The main donors to date are as follows:


Nasir Ahmed Mehmood UAE  $   25,021
Asmat Sami Siddiqui USA  $   25,000
Amir & Soofia Siddiqui USA  $   11,889
CISCO USA  $   10,000
Shahid Mahmud Pakistan  $      9,985
Abdul Rashid Abro Pakistan  $      6,010
Qaiser Zaman UK  $      4,975
Shawn Chowdhury USA  $      2,500
Arif mahmood  USA  $      2,050
Mohammad Umer  USA  $      2,000
Shoieb & Sharmeen Yunus USA  $      2,000
Imran Latif Pakistan  $      1,774
Rahil Zafar Qatar  $      1,679
Adil Baloch USA  $      1,450
Khalid Ranjhani USA  $      1,272
Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui Pakistan  $      1,203
Pir Mazhar ul Haq Pakistan  $      1,200
Lt.Gen SP Shahid Pakistan  $      1,185
Usman Jamil UAE  $      1,164
Riaz Khan Pakistan  $      1,030
Dr. Javed Akhtar  USA  $      1,000
Shajar A. Khan USA  $      1,000
Sohail Malik USA  $      1,000
Tariq & Faryal Siddiqui USA  $      1,000
Wasim Khan USA  $      1,000
Ikram Ghani Canada  $         970
Fawad Ashraf Bahrain  $         587
Murtaza Pakistan  $         587
Shahbaz A. Malik Pakistan  $         581
Ali Jaffery Bahrain  $         559
Nadeem Memon Canada  $         522
Ashar Jafri USA  $         500
Mahmood Baweja  USA  $         500
Wasif Malik USA  $         500
M. Abid Pakistan  $         488
Max Babri Pakistan  $         481
Farooq Azam Pakistan  $         235
Abid Akbar USA  $         200
Akhtar Banbhan  Austria  $         200
Azfar Mahmood Canada  $         200
Kamran Khan Canada  $         194
Aijaz & Saadia Baloch USA  $         150
Khursheed Khan USA  $         150
Nadeem Sahibzada USA  $         150
Syed Khursheed Kazmi USA  $         150
Aftab Ahmed & Yasmin Pakistan  $         117
Affan Syed USA  $         100
Kamal Qadri USA  $         100
Khalid Rizvi USA  $         100
Mahmood Ramzan Pakistan  $         100
Moin Khan USA  $         100
Rifaquat Cheema USA  $         100
Saaduddin Shafi USA  $         100
Shoaib Yahya USA  $         100
Zahir Babur USA  $         100
Abdul Aziz Saudi  $           96
TOTAL    $ 127,401


A further US$ 135,000 donations are required to complete our commitment for the construction of this school in addition to US$ 27,000 in operation expenses.


We look forward to donors to come forward and donate as much as they can.

Photographs of the school (pls click on links below):

  1. Foundation Laying Stone of the School

  2. School building after completion

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Further Donations Needed for School:  

Further $135,000 needed to complete project. Please donate generously for A.M. Nizamani School Project

How to Donate for Nizamani School:

arrowSend funds directly to The Citizens Foundation in any country where they have offices. Please indicate project name as "A.M. Nizamani School, Petaro". Visit following TCF websites for details on how to send funds:

Please also inform us details of your donation at


arrowSend checks in name of Petarian Foundation at addresses listed on our Contacts page.