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PCP Certified

Petarian Foundation is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

Tax Exempt

All donations to Petarian Foundation are tax exempt.


On-Going Projects:

A.M. Nizamani-TCF Secondary School at Petaro

Maternity Home / Child Healthcare Centre at Jhimpir

Scholarships for CCP cadets

Scholarships for Higher Education

Welfare for Petarians



Petarian Foundation:


          The Foundation is a non-profit and non-political organization, set up for the benefit and welfare of Petarians in particular and Pakistanis at large. A key objective is to alleviate poverty in the country and to improve the standard of living of our population that lives below the poverty line.

          The Foundations shall provide welfare services through:

       Relief work

       Scholarships for capable & needy students

       Creation of job opportunities through investments and placement services

       Unemployment bureau to assist the jobless

       Career counseling services

       Free course books for needy students

       Provide jobs to widows and orphans

       Blood banks

       Other service or facility that would benefit Petarians in particular and Pakistanis at large.



          The Foundation may promote and finance projects in the following areas:

       Infrastructure development

       Public schools, colleges, universities

       R&D facilities & "Chairs" at Universities

       Vocational institutions for all trades

       Health care facilities


Petarians for Pakistan


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Annual Audit
The accounts of the Petarian Foundation are audited by an independent auditor every year.