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6 Healthcare Units at Bagh:

Petarian Foundation signed an agreement with the District Health Officer, Bagh, AJK to reconstruct 2 Basic Health Units and 2 Forward Health Posts and operate these for a period of 6 months from November 2005 onwards. These units had been destroyed in the October 8th Earthquake that struck the northern areas of Pakistan. The units were located at the following places:

  • Rerah

  • Lohar Bela

  • Seri Gala

  • Samni

Petarian Foundation constructed all the four units using earthquake resistant materials. The buildings were constructed using bolted steel angle frames and clad with sandwich panels of steel sheets with thermopore insulation in between. False ceiling of thermopore was also used. The flooring was laid with PCC slab.  Complete electrical connections with fittings were also provided.


In addition, with the concurrence of local villagers, the Petarian Foundation also constructed two more units at:

  • Sarbuland Village, Bhont (Basic Health Unit)

  • Seri Pheyi (Forward Health Post)

Land for these units and also the units at Samni and Seri Gala was donated to the Petarian Foundation by individual villagers for eternity for the purposes of healthcare.


The Petarian Foundation provided 2-3 fulltime doctors who provided medical care and also supervised a paramedical staff of around 22 people at these 6 locations. In addition, all medicines were provided free of charge to the patients.


Although the agreement with the DHO Bagh was for a period of 6 months, Petarian Foundation provided services for a period of 10 months and then handed over the units to DHO Bagh.


Another important activity undertaken by the Foundation was to fund the purchase of an ultrasound machine by a lady gynecologist who was providing services to the earthquake affected population.


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