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Floods Rehabilitation at Garhi Momin, KP:


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Petarians-Abdalians joined hands to build homes for the poor people who lost their homes. Two such construction activities were undertaken - 1. at Jhimpir, Sindh, and 2. at Garhi Momin Village near Peshawar.



Following are photographs of homes built for 40 families at Garhi Momin, Dist. Peshawar, KP. The work was supervised by the Abdalians. Photographs show work under progress in December 2010.


Most of the homes were built using the same design depending on availability of land.



President Abdalian Association Ashfaque Hussain (in middle) with Abdalians and Petarians


A typical home with 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and veranda


Another home nearing completion


A one room constructed due to land limitations


Typical pre-fab ceiling used in all homes


Another home


Petarians and Abdalians touring Garhi Momin village


Another home


A different design


Another different design


Again another different design


Another typical design home with Nayyer Islam (Abdalian) in front


The streets of Garhi Momin. Water had risen 15 feet during floods


Another typical design home


Construction nearing completion


Children of Garhi Momin


A happy home owner. He is also the mason.


Unloading cement blocks for construction




Unloading cement blocks for construction


House foundation laid


3 homes in a row for 3 brothers to be built


Foundation markings for another home


A different design home


Another home with a different design


Petarian Tallat Mahmood Khan leading the tour


Walls half done


Another half done home


Home with a large open area






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