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Fumigation (fogging) against mosquitoes

Flood Relief - 2011:

Heavy rains during the Fall of 2011 caused massive flooding on the east bank of the River Indus in Sindh, submerging large areas of arable land in Badin, Hyderabad, Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar, Nawabshah, and Khairpur districts.


Petarian Foundation mobilized its teams and has been providing relief work in Sanghar, Nawabshah and Badin districts.


We strongly believe that even though these people are poor and helpless, they have hope to rebuild their lives and this country.


Carrying home relief goods given by Petarian Foundation


Our Strategy and Activities:


This situation on ground required a number of key actions to be taken. Thus, our strategy is based on the following requirement:

  1. With the onslaught of mosquitoes leading to malaria and dengue fever, Petarian Foundation arranged for fogging machines to fumigate the areas and the water to destroy the mosquito population. Five foggers were deployed which lead to a major reduction in malaria.

  2. Medical teams:  Our teams set up medical camp in different affected districts of Sindh.

  3. Vaccinations:  Our teams vaccinated hundreds of people in the affected areas against typhoid and other diseases

  4. Food:  Over 40 tons of food was distributed in Sanghar and Nawabshah districts

  5. Mosquito nets:  Over 2,0000 mosquito nets were distributed to the people

  6. Tents: Proper tents and tarpaulin were distributed to over 500 families to provide temporary shelter to them.

Medical Camp by Dr. Agha Taj and his team of doctors


Sponsor Organizations:


In addition to donations from individuals, we have received assistance in kind from the following organizations in our programs:

  1. Pakistan Air Force


Petarian Foundation Relief camp site

Progress Reports:

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Under these circumstances, we would like to appeal as follows:

  • Please come forward with your cash donations as much as possible. You can send your donations through Western Union or through bank transfer to our bank account.
  • If you would like to donate in kind, we request you to give us bags of cement or other building materials.  If you would like to give other things, we will distribute those as well.
  • If you would like to come forward to volunteer your time, we will welcome this very much.  But please remember that you will be required to do field work possibly in difficult terrain. Please be prepared for that.

This has been our plan of action. 



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Flood Relief Photo Gallery

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Flood Relief Progress Reports:

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