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Flood - The Refugees at Jacobabad:


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Following are photographs of some of the refugees at Jacobabad district where our teams have been operating for rescue of the villagers. They left with what they could carry as their homes were destroyed.


Photos by Sardar Abdul Nabi Thaheem



At least they saved some beds - Dist. Jacobabad


Some belongings with relief food. This is their new temporary home - Dist. Jacobabad


The pillow, mattress and sewing machine - Dist. Jacobabad


New temporary home - had to move 2 days later when waters rose another 10-15 feet - Dist. Jacobabad


Moving out with what is left - Dist. Jacobabad


On the move - all roads now lead towards hope and despair


New temporary home on roadside - Jacobabad dist.


What's left of their possessions and animals - Jacobabad dist.


They salvaged these carts - Dist. Jacobabad


And some animals - which are essential for their livelihood


We are still alive - Dist. Jacobabad


The whole clan with few belongings left - Dist. Jacobabad.


We can still smile despite uncertain future - Dist. Jacobabad


Where do we go from here?  Dist. Jacobabad


One family per bed with remaining animals - Dist. Jacobabad


They got a ride - headed to an IDP camp from Jacobabad


More refugees on the move with meagre possessions


Moving with all possessions - Dist. Jacobabad


More refuguees - Dist. Jacobabad - Our team members are visible including Aiman - Aamir's son



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