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Flood - Relief Camp at Jhimpir, Sindh:


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Petarians-Abdalians set up a Relief Camp at Jhimpir, Sindh with around 350 tents to house around 3,000 IDPs and affected people.



The camp was built with proper water & sewage facilities, water tanks, piping, water filtration plant, toilets with septic tanks, pumps, general lighting of area at night, food provisions for all residents, medical facilities along with an ambulance and doctors, etc.


Tents being pitched at the camp by our volunteers


Tents being pitched at the camp by our volunteers


Bowser sprinkling water to settle the dust at camp


Volunteers working at night to pitch tents at camp


Registering IDPs at camp before allotting them a tent


A view of the tents at Relief Camp, Jhimpir


Turkish & Pakistani flags fluttering over Relief Camp, Jhimpir


TPA Managing Commitee members at Jhimpir Relief Camp


Toilets under construction at Jhimpir Relief Camp


Water tank being filled with water from Kalri Lake via pumps


Another view of the tents at Relief Camp, Jhimpir


Petarian Association reps arriving at Jhimpir camp


Mahmood Baweja briefing Brig Mukhtar, Perways Inam and Jawed Ahmed on the camp


Inspection of relief goods (tents, etc) storage at management camp by TPA members


Food provisions store at the management camp, Jhimpir





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With CHAEF and Kawish Welfare Trust


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for the Flood Victims

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