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Relief Camp for IDPs in Summer 2009:

The operations in Swat, Buner, Malakand and other parts of FATA and NWFP have led to an immense displacement of over 2.5 million innocent people in the summer of 2009. These "Internally Displaced Persons" or IDPs have been accommodated in relief camps mostly in the province of NWFP.


The Petarians (a unified efforts of the Petarian Foundation and the Petarian Association) have joined hands with the Abdalians to set up a relief camp at the Govt. High School no. 2 on GT Road, Peshawar (opposite the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce).


The school facilities (which were in a poor state of maintenance) were renovated for the plumbing/sewage system, electrical wiring, whitewash, etc.


Pakistanis in general and the international community responded with great generosity to try and provide relief to the displaced people of NWFP.


The Petarians / Abdalians provided full services to the IDPs at the camp. We provided them with comfortable living conditions with proper bedding, etc. A proper kitchen had been set up to provide meals three times a day.


Two doctors provided voluntary services for all the medical needs, and a school had been set up for the children. We also set up a playground area as well.


A control and command center was established at the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Peshawar to provide logistical support and supplies to our camp.



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