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Jhimpir Maternity Home Project :
Petarian Foundation has decided to build a Maternity Hospital and Child Healthcare center at Jhimpir Sindh, since there is no such facility to serve the over 300,000 people there within 50km of the place.

This is a project in community development and providing maternity and healthcare facilities to people of the area in a congenial atmosphere. It will also have a primary school.

We  have acquired 8 acres of land on the banks of Keenjhar/Kalri Lake to build the complex. The project will include:

  1. Maternity Home / Child Healthcare Centre / general hospital

  2. Primary school

  3. Doctors' residences

  4. Utilities

  5. Serai for families of patients coming from distance for them to stay

  6. Masjid

  7. Fish farming project which would sustain the operating expenses of our hospital and school

  8. Vegetable farming which would sustain the operating expenses of our hospital and school

  9. Recreation area to serve local population and visitors from outside, and earnings from this would also sustain the operating expenses of our hospital and school

3-D view of Master Plan for Jhimpir Project

Renowned architect Ejaz Ahed was kind enough to prepare the Master Plan for us, and also do the layout drawings for the hospital and the office building. We are now also preparing detailed drawings for the other buildings.

The Master Plan for Jhimpir Project

In order to sustain it, we intend to eventually build other projects that will generate income to offset the operating expenses of the hospital and school, and thus lead to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

At the moment, we have funds to construct only part of the complex, and are trying to raise donations in cash and kind to build as much as we can. For now, we believe that we have enough funds to be able to construct only the following parts in the first phase:

  1. Around 25% of the Hospital building (Total cost is expected to be around Rs. 20 million)
  2. The small office block

Once we complete the hospital, then we will concentrate on doing the other buildings. But we need to raise the Rs. 20 million (around US$ 250,000) as soon as possible to complete the hospital building.

If we get more funds or material donation, we will go for the residences of staff which are going to be critical to sustain good manpower there. And then we will move on to construct the other components as we keep getting funds.

We already have one doctor and a team working on the site out of makeshift facilities.

3-D view of lawns of the project next to lake

We hope that this project will help in transforming the area, and to bring more investments for the betterment of the people of the area.

3-D view of recreation area of the project next to lake

It will also be a good outlet for people in Karachi and Hyderabad for picnics, etc, and we will use this to raise money for our operating expenses. The place is very convenient and within 60-90 minute drive from Karachi and Hyderabad.

Jetty for boats for fish farming & recreation


Observation Tower for fish farming & recreation





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