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Donate generously for a good cause.  

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PCP Certified

Petarian Foundation is certified by the Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy

Tax Exempt

All donations to Petarian Foundation are tax exempt.


On-Going Projects:

A.M. Nizamani-TCF Secondary School at Petaro

Maternity Home / Child Healthcare Centre at Jhimpir

Scholarships for CCP cadets

Scholarships for Higher Education

Welfare for Petarians




Please send your donations through either of the following methods:

1. Via Western Union.  Please write to us at  for details on how to send.

2. You can send a wire transfer to our bank account as follows:

Beneficiary:    "Petarian Foundation"

                   12A, Street 29, F-7/1,

                   Islamabad, PAKISTAN


Account no.: 4734549001 (branch 452)


IBAN : PK06FAYS0452004734549001


Bank/Branch:  Faysal Bank Limited,

                   78-W Roshan Centre,

                   Blue Area Branch,      Islamabad, PAKISTAN



Corresponding Bank: Standard Chartered Bank, NY, Acct no. 3582-059673-001, SWIFT: SCBLUS33




The Foundation raises funds through donations and zakat for its projects. We would be grateful if you contribute to any of the following on-going projects:

  A.M. Nizamani Secondary School, Petaro (managed by TCF)

  Scholarships for CCP cadets

  Scholarships for CCP ex-cadets for higher education.

  Teacher training programs at Petaro

  Welfare programs for needy Petarians

  Hajj sponsorship for CCP employees

  Maternity Home / Child care center at Jhimpir

  Floods rehabilitation scheme at Jhimpir and Peshawar

  Zakat (spent only for the categories allowed as recipients of Zakat)

  Other projects approved by the Board

The donors can dedicate any of the money donated for sake of their loved ones or for sake of their own destiny in the Hereafter.

Petarian Foundation is a tax exempt charity in Pakistan. All donations are exempt from income taxes.

For information or details on donations, send email to:

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There are two categories of membership to the Petarian Foundation as follows:

  • Members: Petarians who pay an annual fee of Rs. 2,000 or a one time fee of Rs. 25,000  and as approved by the Board of Directors.

  • Fellows: Petarians who pay a total lump sum fee of Rs. 275,000 and as approved by the Board of Directors.

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Copyright 2006 Petarian Foundation. All rights reserved.


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Annual Audit
The accounts of the Petarian Foundation are audited by an independent auditor every year.