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CCP Golden Jubilee 2007 :

The Golden Jubilee of Cadet College Petaro was celebrated in February 2007.


The event was celebrated with great pomp, and will go down in the history of the college as a landmark.


Over 400 Petarians converged on Petaro from all over the world to participate in this event. In addition, all of the current cadets also participated along with the staff members. Thus a total of around 1,200 participants made this into a truly great event.


The guests of honour were our past teachers. They included stalwarts like ex-Principal Cdr(R) Asrarullah, Prof. A.A. Faruqi, Prof. Ch. Saeed Ahmed, Prof. M. Akram Bhatti, Mr. Kalimullah, Prof. Ch. Abdul Ghani, Prof. Nasir Mehmood Malik, Prof. Inayat Ali Khan, Prof. Mohammed Ahmed Khan, Prof. Cdr(R) Raja Khadim Hussain, Prof. Masaud Pervez Durrani, Prof. R.A.K. Ghauri, Dr. Qamaruzzaman Khan Yusufzai, and Prof. M.K. Mughal.



The guest of honour at the final event on 28 February was the President of Pakistan Gen. Pervez Musharraf.


Events included guard of honour at Mazar-e-Quaid-e-Azam at Karachi, guard of honour to Mr. A.M. Nizamani at his grave, program of nostalgia and entertainment at Petaro, Assembly on Saturday morning, honouring our teachers, honouring our shuhada, two sessions of a Convention on Saturday morning, lunches and dinners, and a Parents' Day style marchpast and display at the final event before President of Pakistan.


Petarian Foundation provided full logistical support to Cadet College Petaro for the success of this event. An office was set up at Karachi to assist in registrations and preparation of materials for publicity. The Foundation also sponsored the publication of 3 books, namely:

  1. Directory of Petarians 2007

  2. Petaro and Petarians over 50 years

  3. Col. Coombes - The First Principal of CCP


The Foundation also assisted in organizing and moderating the main sessions of the convention, and assisting in bringing the ex-teachers to Petaro.


The ex-cadets donned special gowns for the occasion and marched in unison to attend the assembly. They ate in the cadets' mess, and slept on cadets' beds. They tried to recreate old memories through various ways amongst old friends and old teachers.


Like the first convention in 2004, this was truly an experience of the century, with full glamour and show.


You can read more details on the highlights of the Golden Jubilee celebrations by clicking here.



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