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Sarbuland Village :

Sarbuland Village is the brainchild of Brig. Naeem Sadiq, who was the Commander of 22 Brigade of the Pakistan Army, which was stationed at Bagh, AJK to provide relief to the people of the area who were affected by the devastating earthquake that struck the region on 8 October 2006.


Within a month of the earthquake, it was clear that the people living in the area would have a difficult survival due to the oncoming winter, which is normally rather harsh in the region. Brig. Naeem Sadiq and his team of officers were determined to do as much as possible to alleviate the problems of the people.


Many friends and relatives approached Brig. Naeem Sadiq with large donations. This set the ball rolling, and the plan was set. A village would be built near Bhont, which is barely 5 Km from Bagh city, to house primarily the poorer and needier people. Brig. Naeem put all resources at hand to push this construction through within a month or two. Heavy machines were brought in to level the land, pave the roads, and to make the foundations of the proposed huts.


As work progressed, the Turkish Red Crescent Society offered to provide one sheet metal insulated containerized room with each hut. The People of Glasgow offered to build the school and other facilities. UNDP offered gas heaters. Oxfam offered to build the water lines and tanks and the toilets. And many other individuals helped in between. One key organization that helped and cooperated with the Petarian Foundation is the Abdalian Association, who became partners with us in this venture.


Petarian Foundation provided funding for various activities, and offered to take over the total management control of the village. An agreement was drawn up, and the Petarian Foundation took over the project from Brig. Naeem Sadiq, who was posted back to Lahore.


In the initial phase, 98 families were settled in the village, 65 of whom were headed by widows having an average of 5 or 6 children. During the second phase, the total number of homes increased to 176, providing housing and other services to a population of around 1,200 people.


Petarian Foundation took over the management of the village, which included maintenance, security and operations of the school (having over 300 children), a healthcare center, and a vocational training school for widowed or orphaned women and girls. With a team of around 70 staff members at the peak of operations, Petarian Foundation provided total services to the village for over two and a half years. Staff members include teachers for the school and vocational training center, doctors, paramedical staff, maintenance crews (plumbers, electricians), sanitation staff, security guards and administration staff. Most of the people employed were local residents, which in itself was part of a rehabilitation scheme to provide employment.


Petarian Foundation handed over the village to the residents in March 2008 when it is felt that they can manage on their own.


The total investment in Sarbuland Village has been to the tune of around US$ 2 million. Most of this was received in kind from various organizations or individuals. In addition, Petarian Foundation has funded the total operational and maintenance costs.


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