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Interactive Teacher Training Workshop , Islamabad

The Petarian Foundation has long term plans for training of teachers at Cadet College Petaro. The first training program was held at Islamabad at the end of July 2005 for a period of one week.


All 45 teaching staff members and other senior officers of the college we brought to Islamabad for this training. The trainees were housed at the excellent facility of NIBAF (National Institute of Banking and Finance), which also served as the venue for the training sessions.


The training was conducted as an Interactive Workshop with maximum participation from the CCP teachers in attendance.


The key trainer was Prof. Maqbool Babri, who is a renowned clinical psychologist. He provides training to multinational companies.  He is also an ex-cadet of Cadet College Petaro, having graduated from there in 1969.


Other guest speakers invited for the sessions included Prof. Inayat Ali Khan, Mr. Abdul Wahid Khan, Kazi Abdul Muktadir (MD of NIBAF), Lt.Gen. S.P. Shahid (CEO of Citizens Foundation), Vice Admiral Farooq Rasheed (Rector of Bahria University), Cdre. Abid Saleem (Principal of CCP), Kazi Zulkader Siddiqui (Chairman of Petarian Foundation), and Jalaluddin Sohail (Federal Joint Secretary).


The certificates were given away in two separate ceremonies, and were graced by Rear Admiral Shahid Farooq (MD of NTC), Rear Admiral Saeed Sargana, and Mr. Zafar Khan (Federal Deputy Secretary).


This training program was unique and provided the trainees with an exposure towards various issues and techniques that proved to be extremely beneficial to them.


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