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Zakat Distribution / Welfare :

One of the key objectives of the Petarian Foundation is to provide welfare and assistance to those who have economic difficulties in life, particularly aimed at the members of the Petarian community.


The Foundation has assisted many individuals from amongst the ex-cadets as well as teachers of the college in this regard. For the sake of their dignity, the Foundation does not publicize the names of the recipients of such funds.


The Foundation has provided assistance to teachers and ex-cadets who had severe illnesses to assist them with their medical bills.


Some of the larger contributions made by the Foundation include:

  • Bought a home for a senior Petarian who is a  retired teacher as he would have been left homeless otherwise.

  • Medical bills for CCP teachers who were in critical condition and could not afford heavy hospital expenses.

  • Kidney transplant expenses of a Petarian

  • Rehabilitation of a Petarian so that he could set up a shop for his earnings

  • Equipment for a paraplegic Petarian to assist in his mobility.


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