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English Language Teaching at CCP:

Proper communication skills are extremely important to impart good education to the students. Over the years, the standard of education has suffered greatly in Pakistan.  And part of the problem is the lack of good language skills of the teaching staff.


English is the primary medium of instruction. Every subject (except for Urdu and Sindhi) is taught in English and all examinations are conducted in English.


Cadet College Petaro has been amongst the best academic institutions in Sindh.  However, in order to take it to international standards, it is our objective to improve the English language skills of all the teaching staff to the highest degree. This would ensure that the education imparted to the cadets is of the highest standard.


The Petarian Foundation has taken upon itself to bring all the teachers of the college up to speed in English language skills. For this purpose, the foundation employed the services of the Berlitz Language Center at Karachi to bring all the CCP teaches to a mark of excellence in language skills.


The English language teaching program was started in the summer of 2006 at Petaro. Nearly all the teachers of the college participated in the program. The summer program was intense. During the yearly session, the program continued over the weekends for the next 2 years.


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