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Hajj Sponsorship :

Hajj is an obligation on every Muslim once in a lifetime if he can afford it. It is a desire of every Muslim to go for pilgrimage to the House of Allah in Makkah. Unfortunately, most of the people living in Pakistan are unable to afford to pay for this journey.


In order to cater to this desire of the poorer segments, the Petarian Foundation has been sponsoring one employee of Cadet College Petaro for Hajj each year since the year 1427 Hijri (corresponding with December 2006). From 1431 Hijri (2010), the number of sponsored candidates has been increased to two per year.


Since 2010, of the 2 sponsorships, one of them is open also for non-Muslim employees. In case a non-Muslim employee wins the draw, the equivalent fund is given to him for any special need of his of his choice.


The funds for this have been donated by our Petarian well-wishers.


The employee is selected through a draw held at the college mosque each year. The employees chosen so far and who have performed Hajj are as follows:

  1. In 1427 Hijri (2006) - Mr. Mohsin Ali Shah, Bearer at the Cadets' Mess.

  2. In 1428 Hijri (2007) - Mr. Dheen Muhammad Khaskheli, Bearer as the Cadets' Mess

  3. In 1429 Hijri (2008) - Mr. Muhammad Bakhsh Kachelo, Senior Clerk in the Examination Branch

  4. In 1430 Hijri (2009) - Mr. Azhar Hussain, Senior Clerk, Accounts Branch

  5. In 1431 Hijri (2010) - Mr. Mithan Shah, plumber in Water Dept

  6. In 1431 Hijri (2010) - Mr. Din Muhammad Mali (gardener)

  7. In 1432 Hijri (2011) - Mr. Ameer Bux, Head Carpenter

  8. In 1432 Hijri (2011) - Mr. Mitho Khan Samo, Bearer, Cadets' Mess

  9. In 1433 Hijri (2012) - Mr. Javed Alam, Lab Assistant / Supervisor AV aids

  10. In 1433 Hijri (2012) - Mr. Haji Ahmed, Naib Qasid

  11. In 1434 Hijri (2013) - Mr. Abdul Latif, Chowkidar

  12. In 1434 Hijri (2013) - Mr. Syed Haqiqat Ali, Ground Superintendent

Our policy is to sponsor only members of the staff of the college who would not otherwise be able to afford to go for Hajj.

Employees sponsored for Hajj by Petarian Foundation - from left Dheen Muhammad Khaskheli (2007), Mohsin Ali Shah (2006), and Muhammad Bakhsh Kachelo (2008)



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