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Flood - The Deluge at Jacobabad:


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Following are photographs of the deluge at Jacobabad district where our teams operated for rescue of the villagers. Photographs show devastation to villages and homes.  Water rose 10-15 feet more two days later and our teams were among the last to leave.


Photos by Sardar Abdul Nabi Thaheem



House submerged - Dist. Jacobabad


Houses submerged - Dist. Jacobabad


These are houses - not bridges - Dist. Jacobabad


Small mounds in water is what remains of the homes - Jacobabad


This was a home - Dist. Jacobabad


Remains of homes visible in water - most are totally submerged and destroyed


Only some pillars visible. All else is gone - Jacobabad dist.


Islands in the water. Two days later, even these were submerged after our teams pulled out from Jacobabad due to the deluge.


Complete village submerged - Dist. Jacobabad


Thousands of animals perished


Dead animals are everywhere


Devastation as far as the eye can see - Dist. Jacobabad.


Protected on raised ground temporarily. Water rose by 10-15 feet two days later and our teams were among the last to leave.


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